Supernova is what supports blackhole.

Blackhole: 0x332809a8bce4a589da992a4ae495f32fbf4089c6
Supernova: 0x3D2756F0d01CB4fD0991056Fe5c6470Cfba06230


Supernova - $NOVA Governance Token


Supernova ($NOVA) emerges as a dynamic and innovative cryptocurrency project intricately woven into the fabric of the Blackhole token ecosystem. Positioned as a supporting token, Supernova acts as the backbone, enhancing user engagement, and contributing to the sustained growth of both the Supernova and Blackhole communities.

Supernova $NOVA is not just a token; it's a key that unlocks a realm of premium features within the Blackhole token ecosystem. Holders of Supernova tokens gain exclusive access to advanced functionalities embedded in the Blackhole bot, empowering them with tools that transcend traditional trading capabilities. The utility of Supernova extends beyond its role as a gateway to premium features; it plays a crucial role in supporting the broader ecosystem

Tax Mechanism

A distinctive feature of Supernova is its tax mechanism, designed to benefit the Blackhole community. A portion of the taxes generated from Supernova transactions is allocated towards two pivotal purposes:
1. Buyback Mechanism: The collected taxes contribute to periodic buybacks of Blackhole tokens, instilling a deflationary aspect and enhancing scarcity. This mechanism supports price stability and aligns with the long-term sustainability of the Blackhole ecosystem.
2. Marketing Initiatives: Another portion of the taxes is channeled into strategic marketing endeavors for Blackhole. This ensures that the Blackhole token remains visible, attracting new participants and fostering a robust and vibrant community.

Staking Rewards for $BLH Holders

Supernova serves as a conduit for staking rewards for those who have committed to the Blackhole ecosystem by staking their $BLH tokens. The taxes collected from Supernova transactions are utilized to fund these staking rewards, creating an additional incentive for $BLH holders to actively participate in and contribute to the Blackhole network.

Community Engagement and Governance

Supernova goes beyond being a passive token; it actively involves its top holders in shaping the future of the Blackhole coin. Top Supernova holders are invited to a dedicated and exclusive private group where they participate in decision-making processes. This unique governance model empowers the community to vote on critical aspects such as development priorities, marketing strategies, and other significant decisions that drive the evolution of the Blackhole ecosystem.


The project's roadmap serves as a strategic guide, outlining the trajectory for Supernova and Blackhole's development. Milestones, feature releases, and community-driven initiatives are transparently communicated, fostering trust and providing a clear vision for the future. In essence, Supernova $NOVA stands at the forefront of innovation, not only enhancing the user experience within the Blackhole ecosystem but also contributing to the sustainable growth of Blackhole through its intricate tax mechanism and community-driven governance structure. This comprehensive approach positions Supernova as a key player in the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency.